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Pure Water Pure Air 2018 

Gui-dance brings you to experience pure water and pure air

Gui-dance, Mookwon Han, 46 years old, visual artist, Korean, works in New York



Turbine and Generator would be the same full speed as for 4 years nonstop engine of 747. I concentrated the shape of Turbine, speed of Current in the Generator, and protection of radiation for a year and half. Eventually, I am on the philosophical purity and mechanical perfectionism.



No electron, resistance, or impurity in science. Immanuel Kant’s "The Critique of Pure Reason” and Mencius’s "The theory that human nature is fundamentally good”. Cleanness would be proven by science and industry. People and society are originally pure and I expect that many things could be easier than current world.   


Pure in the power plant?

Pure water Pure air system is as big part as electricity generation in the power plant. Countless gauges are connected to the pipes to see throughout the factory. A small impurity will trigger a stuck in the pipes. 


Feeling of pure?

Pure water circulates in the reactor vessel to control the nuclear fission, coolant, fuel storage, and steam generator. It has no reflect, bubble, or wave. The water turns as clear, blue, and black. Heavy water looked heavy as h2o => 2 of h2 with 1 o => D20 in chemistry.


Affect for human’s body?

Radiation is critical as its incubation period, symptom, treatment, and permanent lesion. According to “Uranium, The Dragon’s Tail”, 15,000 victors of Fukushima are affected by stress but no radiation. Pure water will bring happy positive contagion.


Your role as an artist?

I make scientific and industrial pure water and pure air. If possible to touch, we can come closer to the pure, the utopia. I am a guidance and hope all to save the electricity.


Building structure?

I follow the restriction of power plant's rules. Site tour and advice are supported by a plant maintenance company.


Pure water method?

Centrifugal separator, waterfall 


Pure air method?

Blueair air purifier, fishtank oxigen generator


Why only build a frame without walls?

Water and air will pass through anyway. I can use its flowing with light strings. I will build the walls or screens to divide the spaces outdoor.


Bridge scaffolding?

Power plant is an open space for air circulation. Sometimes, I was on a think steel net on 15th floor high. 



Video Is an extended version of Equalizer series. Water, air, the Earth, all are simple gifts.


Approaching to the audience?

Pure water and air are practical installation. Especially, I add more oxygen in the water and air. I am an adjustable utilitarian. 


Question and answer?

Socrates and Confucius approached to their ideal philosophy through the question and answer. A public elementary school 4th grader asked me about this project and I answered.

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