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Machiavellian Virus, hd blu-ray 4:10, 17x12x14 ft, installation at EFA NYC, 2015

Fortuna, Goddess of Fortune, holds a sail on her left hand and stands one foot on the land and the other on a boat, and follows either direction depending on external factor. Machiavelli connected Fortuna to crowd and defined power as Virtu which lures Fortuna. Virtu might ignore virtue for purpose and immoral for bigger virtue as Machiavelli’s “The Prince”. Similarly with Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”, Fortuna and Virtu seem toward a political theory and also practical essential among lives. Ironically, Machiavelli wasn't the government as everybody else but approached to reality through humanities. Morality and attainment. I observe a structure of society through The Prince.


Machiavellian Desk is installed his-writing room-like on a geometric pentagon and mimics a warship touched by the Fortuna's left foot that is layered as eruptions and relations of power. I composed on video manuscripts with 542 umbrellas that were extracted overhead of crowds and rendered to recreate the explosions by customized technology, Virus that is tracking movements and accumulating frames in order. I symbolized raindrops as uncontrollable power and umbrella as a shield for each one who is a unit for harmonizing the society where I breathe. 

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