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Drum is involved with the state of the world at the moment. It can be about many different its open and interpretation about what it is exactly about. It could be about many different warnings of things about to happen. A kind of a warning but some optimism at the end. 


Drum is a video installation. It is a single channel installation that depicts a stage of throwing and writing with 130 stones of 3 lines poem which is 3 performances and each line is about the witness of the stones on the radioactive disposal center in Gyeongju, South Korea, where I come from. The site has both the golden treasures and nuclear nuclear power plants. Drum is about what the stones want to say to the people who they have seen for last million years and what is the next as a metaphor and then at the so forth and kind of the harmony of the world. Most power plants use pure water (demi water). I am surprised that science and industry have already approached to the philosophical meaning of purity. Audience could touch the real ideal pure water proven by power plant technology. 


There are single channel videos; Lightning (30sec) and Hammering (1sec), The Shape of Electricity, Counterstrike of Stones (2channels, 2min), Electrocardiogram (stable 70 times per sec, 1 min), Wave (3min), Bird on Shin Kori 3, (1min),  Black Blood Vessel (1min), and Pulse (1min). Each video shows with color print 4 feet wide each about 120cm. 


A crystal chandelier is installed in the center and iced pure water drops by natural temperature and gravity. It makes beats on the surface of the reflector of fluorescent light that I was doing a performance in the Counterstrike of Stones. A snaredrum is influenced by Napoleon marching. It feels me like annonymous, propaganda, and enlightenment.       

A city is a reactor. Nuclear is a double edged sword. I am drumming with chandelier as an anchor rope and Map of Utopia by Thomas More. Drum reflects the contrast of the natural world with the completely artificial world and then harmonizing them. 

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